Benefits of the ipod Car Adapter The Grom Audio car adapter has the easy installation option as the audio collection has the plug and play option in the device. There are three types of the car adapters one is the wireless model that is inexpensive and the main advantage is that they can be easily used in the cars without the cluttering of the wires inside the vehicle as that might cause problem. The next type of car adapter is the built in jack in which one end is connected to the head phone whereas the other end is connected to the cigarette lighter socket for charging, they also provide the energy efficient methodology for the charging of the mobile phones and the ipods. The last type is the cassette model that can be widely used in the older model of cars that has the stereo system embedded in it. The car adapters vary for the different vehicles so you must search for the matching technical specifications before placing the order. Some of the companies will provide the adapter along with the mobile phone accessory kit as this will save you more money, whereas some others will not offer you the products and you have to purchase separately that costs much. The knobs attached to the device will help to control the level of music in the stereo system. Some of the car models donít have the provision for the adapter installation so you can contact the car audio installation services to fix the space. The wired adapters are larger in size as they can be moved any where easily inside the car. The Grom Audio adapter can be add flexible with all the vehicles both old and the newer model. The Ninetendo DS also has the car charger so that your kids can enjoy playing during the long distance travel. The twelve volts charge is connected to the cigarette lighter with the other switches attached to the other end of the probe. An LED indication is placed inside the adapter and this helps to know about the charging methods and once the charge is over the charger stops charging automatically in order to consume power. So they are the perfect device for travel. The Blackberry mobile phones have the different charger and the common car adapter will not fit into the device so you must purchase the car adapter along with the blackberry mobile phone. The lithium ion batteries are used that can withstand charge up to twenty four hours. You can place the car adapter fixed in the car as they are not suitable for the home usage. On the whole the car adapters are cost effective devices.